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For decades, plastic films have been used on farms and green houses serving many purposes. There exists a diversity of film types, although the majority use common materials such as Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

Recycling of Agricultural Films

Although there is equipment available to clean and process used agricultural films, Agri ReNeu Recycling Inc. has discovered a unique way to perform this task and attain a high-quality reusable rotational molding material that can also be produced at a very competitive cost. With our established pick up and collection systems we are contributing to the environment by preventing this plastic to end in the land fields or being burnt and generating contaminants to our atmosphere. With a very ambitious plan, we expect to have the ability in the very near future of providing a complete closed look service to the agricultural industry in the supply of new films and collection/recycling of used films.

Value-Add Processing

A significant plus for Agri ReNeu Recycling Inc. is our combined plastics experience, in addition to the flexibility of our equipment. With the unique concept of the various ReNeuvo group of companies Agri ReNeu has the ability of producing a unique variety of roto molding materials with very desirable characteristics such as weight reduction, flame retardancy as well as materials with active mould, mildew and bacterial killing properties.

Research and Development Strategy

Agri ReNeu Recycling Inc., as a ReNeuvo Group company, is part of developing new products in a Research and Development partnership with Universities and industry partners. This presents an opportunity to collaborate in future product development in Canada and Internationally under the ReNeuvo Group. Our belief is that a small idea can lead to larger successes, think small, and accomplish a lot. Look into the past, small and modest things have become great successes. Some excellent examples are Alexander Graham Bell, Tesla, Edison, Microsoft, Apple, RIM, Xerox and many more.

Digital Manufacturing Technology and Paperless Operation

Agri ReNeu Recycling Inc., is part of the ReNeuvo Group of companies, who, in partnership with Cisco Canada Inc. and Bell Enterprises Inc. will design and provide a Digital Manufacturing Technology and paperless operation for the ReNeuvo Group of companies.

Strategic Partners

Agri ReNeu Recycling Inc., as part of ReNeuvo Group and its strategic partners stand out as an open, inclusive inter-company collaboration. Many different opinions are expressed and shared in the best interest of those that we provide our services to, not just those of ReNeuvo Group. In that spirit, we are proud of the work we do and the mutual collaboration between our Strategic Partners.

For additional information, please contact us at: info@agrireneu.com

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